December 13, 2010 (Monday)

08:00-09:00   Registration

09:00-09:30   Opening

09:30-10:00   Break

10:00-10:50   Keynote Speech (Splendor Room II)

Session Chair: Wen-Hsiang Tsai, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

Tele-immersion as a Collaborative Tool over Geographically Distributed Places

Ruzena Bajcsy, University of California, Berkeley, USA

10:50-11:00   Break

11:00-11:50   Keynote Speech (Splendor Room II)

Session Chair: Chin-Hui Lee, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Physical and Digital Media of Telepresence

Henry Fuchs, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA

11:50-13:10   Lunch Break

13:10-14:00   Keynote Speech (Splendor Room II)

Session Chair: Mark Liao, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Rethink of Multimedia Search

Hong-Jiang Zhang, Microsoft Asia-Pacific Research & Development Group, China

14:00-14:10   Break

14:10-16:00   Paper Presentation

Session ISM-I: Video Streaming Technologies (Splendor Room II)

Session Chair: Roger Zimmerman, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Sepidar: Incentivized Market-Based P2P Live-Streaming on the Gradient Overlay Network

Amir H. Payberah, Jim Dowling, Fatemeh Rahimian, Seif Haridi

Resource Allocation for Multihomed Scalable Video Streaming to Multiple Clients

Nikolaos M. Freris, Cheng-Hsin Hsu, Xiaoqing Zhu, Jatinder Pal Singh

Waiting-Time Prediction and QoS-Based Pricing for Video Streaming with Advertisements

Nabil J. Sarhan, Musab S AL-Hadrusi

Bundle of Streams: Concept and Evaluation in Distributed Interactive Multimedia Environments

Pooja Agarwal, Raoul Rivas Toledano, Wanmin Wu, Klara Nahrstedt, Ahsan Arefin

Video Streaming Security: Window-Based Hash Chain Signature Combines With Redundancy Code

Emad Abd-Elrahman, Mohamed Abid, Hossam Afifi

Session MIPR-I: Multimedia Applications (Fong Lo Room II)

Session Chair: Shyh-Kang Jeng, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Automatic Transcription for Music with Two Timbres from Monaural Sound Source

Yuh-Shyang Wang, Ting-Yao Hu, Shyh-Kang Jeng

A Data Association Algorithm for People Re-Identification in Photo Sequences

L. Lo Presti, M. Morana, M. La Cascia

Point-of-regard Measurement via Iris Contour with One Eye from Single Image

Shang-Che Huang, Yi-Leh Wu, Wei-Chih Hung, Cheng-Yuan Tang

Modified Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm with Spatial Distance to Cluster Center of Gravity

Christophe Gauge, Sreela Sasi

16:00-16:10   Break

16:10-18:00   Paper Presentation

Session ISM-II: Video Scene Detection and Object Tracking (Splendor Room II)

Session Chair: Abdulmotaleb El Saddik, University of Ottawa, Canada

Event Clusters Detection on Flickr Images using a Suffix-Tree Structure

Massimiliano Ruocco, Heri Ramampiaro

Exploiting Script-Subtitles Alignment to Scene Boundary Detection in Movie

Seung-Bo Park,Heung-Nam Kim,Hyunsik Kim, Geun-Sik Jo

Static Object Tracking in Road Panoramic Videos

Zhong Zhou, Ben Niu, Ke Chen, Wei Wu

Video Human Motion Recognition Using Knowledge-Based Hybrid Method

Myunghoon Suk, Ashok Ramadass, Yohan Jin, Balakrishnan Prabhakaran

Moving Object Segmentation and Tracking Using Active Contour and Color Classification Models

Cheng-Hung Chuang, Yuan-Lei Chao, Zhi-Ping Li

Session MIPR-II: Multimedia Data Mining and Content-based Retrieval (Fong Lo Room II)

Session Chair: Shu-Ching Chen, Florida International University, USA

Automatic Construction of A Folksonomy-based Visual Ontology

Yuta Akima, Hidetoshi Kawakubo, Keiji Yanai

A Lazy Processing Approach to User Relevance Feedback for Content-Based Image Retrieval

Sirikunya Nilpanich, Kien A. Hua, Antoniya Petkova, Yao-Hua Ho

Iris Recognition: Preliminary Assessment about the Discriminating Capacity of Visible Wavelength Data

Gil Santos, Marco V. Bernardo, Hugo Proenca, Paulo T. Fiadeiro

Ring Fingerprint Based on Interest Points for Video Copy Detection

Guiguang Ding, Rongxian Nie

18:00-20:00   Welcome Reception & Dinner Keynote (Splendor Room I)

Session Chair: Ming-Hsin Tsai, Asia University, Taiwan

Speech Computer Music and Games

Lundy Lewis, Southern New Hampshire University, USA

December 14, 2010 (Tuesday)

08:00-09:00   Registration

09:00-09:50   Keynote Speech (Splendor Room II)

Session Chair: Dick Bulterman, CWI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Probabilistic Modeling of Music

Shigeki Sagayama, University of Tokyo, Japan

09:50-10:10   Break

10:10-12:00   Paper Presentation

Session ISM-III: VoD Systems and Coding (Splendor Room II)

Session Chair: Phillip C.Y. Sheu, University of California, Irvine, USA

Temporal-DHT and its Application in P2P-VoD Systems

Abhishek Bhattacharya, Zhenyu Yang, Shiyun Zhang

Peer Selection Strategies for Improved QoS in Heterogeneous BitTorrent-like VoD Systems

Lucia D'Acunto, Nazareno Andrade, Johan Pouwelse, Henk Sips

Parallel Zigzag Scanning and Huffman Coding for a GPU-Based MPEG-2 Encoder

Pablo Montero, Javier Taibo, Victor Gulías, Samuel Rivas

Non-intrusive Adaptive Multi-Media Routing in peer-to-peer Multi-Party Video Conferencing

Daniel Smilkov, Han Zhao, Paolo Dettori, Julio Nogima, Frank Schaffa, Peter Westerink, Chai Wah Wu

Rapid Video Summarization on Compressed Video

Jurandy Almeida, Ricardo da S. Torres, Neucimar J. Leite

CEA2010 Workshop Opening (Fong Lo Room II)

Session Chair: Yoko Yamakata, Kyoto University, Japan

Welcome to CEA2010

Mutsuo Sano, Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan

Ichiro Ide, Nagoya University, Japan/University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Session CEA-I: Cooking Activities (Fong Lo Room II)

Session Chair: Kazuaki Kondo, Kyoto University, Japan

Object Recognition based on Object's Identity for Cooking Recognition Task

Yoko Yamakata, Koh Kakusho, Michihiko Minoh,

Tracking Food Materials with Changing Their Appearance in Food Preparing

Atsushi Hashimoto, Naoyuki Mori, Takuya Funatomi, Masayuki Mukunoki, Koh Kakusho, Michihiko Minoh

Task Prediction in Cooking Activities Using Hierarchical State Space Markov Chain and Object Based Task Grouping

Prasanth Lade, Narayanan Krishnan, Sethuraman Panchanathan

12:00-13:10   Lunch Break

13:10-14:10   Panel Discussion (Splendor Room II)

Multimedia Research and Opportunities - Past, Now and Future

Shu‐Ching Chen, Florida International University, USA

Roger Zimmerman, National University of Singapore

14:10-16:00   Paper Presentation

Session ISM-IV: Multi-modality and Event Recognition (Splendor Room II)

Session Chair: Adam Janin, ICSI Berkeley, USA

Parallelizing Speaker-Attributed Speech Recognition for Meeting Browsing

Gerald Friedland, Jike Chong, Adam Janin

Content Based Graph Visualization of Audio Data for Music Library Navigation

Chris Muelder, Thomas Provan, Kwan-Liu Ma

DIAMOND: Correlation-based Anomaly Monitoring Daemon for DIME

Ahsan Arefin, Klara Nahrstedt, Raoul Rivas, Jiawei Han, Zixia Huang

Histology Image Classification using Supervised Classification and Multimodal Fusion

Tao Meng, Lin Lin, Mei-Ling Shyu, Shu-Ching Chen

User-evaluated Gestures for Touchless Interactions from a Distance

Wim Fikkert, Paul van der Vet, Anton Nijholt

Session CEA-II: Posters (Fong Lo Room II)

Session Chair: Yoko Yamakata, Kyoto University, Japan

A Hybrid Semantic Item Model for Recipe Search by Example

Haoran Xie, Lijuan Yu, Qing Li,

Memory Ubiquitous: Providing Memories on Anything, Anywhere - A Case Study for Cooking Support

Kazuaki Kondo, Masashi Kanegae, Takahiro Koizumi, Kanako Obata, Yuichi Nakamura

Comparison of Experts' between Non-experts' Apple Peeling Skills and the Designing of Leaning Support System

Saori Ota, Masato Soga, Nami Yamamoto, Hirokazu Taki

Image Recognition of 85 Food Categories by Feature Fusion

Hajime Hoashi, Taichi Joutou, Keiji Yanai

TV as a Multimedia Synchronous Communication for Cooking and Eating Activities: Analysis of TV Cooking Shows in Hong Kong

Simon So, Theresa Lai

16:00-16:10   Break

16:10-18:00   Paper Presentation

Session ISM-V: Watermark and Security (Splendor Room II)

Session Chair: Y. C. Chen, Asia University, Taiwan

Robust Video Transmission using Reversible Watermarking Techniques

Robert Facciol, Reuben A. Farrugia

NoMark: A Novel Method for Copyright Protection of Digital Videos Without Embedding Data

Aditya Vashistha, Rajarathnam Nallusamy, Sanjoy Paul

Unsupervised Credit Detection in TV Broadcast Streams

Yannick Benezeth, Sid-Ahmed Berrani

Session CEA-III: Preparation and Eating Activities (Fong Lo Room II)

Session Chair: Takuya Funatomi, Kyoto University, Japan

Multimedia Supplementation to a Cooking Recipe Text for Facilitating Its Understanding to Inexperienced Users

Ichiro Ide, Yuka Shidochi, Yuichi Nakamura, Daisuke Deguchi, Tomokazu Takahashi, Hiroshi Murase

Extraction of Mastication in Diet based on Facial Deformation Pattern Descriptor

Kenzaburo Miyawaki, Mutsuo Sano, Satoshi Nishiguchi

An Overview of the Technology Assisted Dietary Assessment Project at Purdue University

Nitin Khanna, Carol Boushey, Deborah Kerr, Martin Okos, David Ebert, Edward Delp

18:00-20:00   Conference Banquet (Splendor Room I)

December 15, 2010 (Wednesday)

08:10-10:00   Paper Presentation

Session ISM-VI: Pattern Analysis and Matching (Splendor Room II)

Session Chair: Han C.W. Hsiao, Asia University, Taiwan

Fast Rotation-Invariant DAISY Descriptor for Image Keypoint Matching

Yin Guo, Zhi-Chun Mu, Hui Zeng, Kai Wang

Texture Classification Using Uniform Extended Local Ternary Patterns

Wen-Hung Liao, Ting-Jung Young

Fast Template Matching Based on Normalized Cross Correlation Using Adaptive Block Partitioning and Initial Threshold Estimation

Minoru Mori, Kunio Kashino

On the Combination of Local Texture and Global Structure for Food Classification

Zhimin Zong, Duc Thanh Nguyen, Philip Ogunbona, Wanqing Li

Session MTEL-I: Learning Games & Online Training (Fong Lo Room II)

Session Chair: Lars Knipping, Berlin Institute of Technology, Germany

Video Learning Objects creation with Polimedia

Carlos Turro, Aristóteles Cañero, Jaime Busquets

Remote and Virtual Laboratories in Problem-Based Learning Scenarios

Heinz-Dietrich Wuttke, Raimund Ubar, Karsten Henke

Increasing Intelligibility in the Speech of the Autistic Children by an Interactive Computer Game

S.M. Ferdous, Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed, Md. Mustafizur Rahman

L2L (Live to E-Learning): Building a Consortium-Wide Lecture Capture and Delivery Service Using a Digital Asset Management Platform

Matteo Bertazzo, Franca Fiumana

History-Aware User Awareness in Web Lectures

Markus Ketterl, Johannes Emden, Robert Mertens, Oliver Vornberger

10:00-10:10   Break

10:10-12:00   Paper Presentation

Session ISM-VII: 3D Object Retrieval and 3D Game (Splendor Room II)

Session Chair: Anthony Y.H. Liao, Asia University, Taiwan

A GPU based 3D Object Retrieval Approach using Spatial Shape Information

Qian Zhang, Jinyuan Jia, Hongyu Li

"I'm the Jedi!" - A Case Study of User Experience in 3D Tele-immersive Gaming

Wanmin Wu, Ahsan Arefin, Zixia Huang, Pooja Agarwal, Shu Shi, Raoul Rivas, Klara Nahrstedt

Bridging the Gap between Virtual and Real World by Bringing an Interpersonal Haptic Communication System in Second Life

Abu Saleh Md Mahfujur Rahman, SK Alamgir Hossain, Abdulmotaleb El Saddik

A Hybrid Deformation Model for Virtual Cutting

Shao Xuqiang, Zhou Zhong, Wu Wei

Session MSAP-I: Multimedia Speech and Audio Processing (Fong Lo Room II)

Session Chair: Shi-Huang Chen, Shu-Te University, Taiwan

The Effectiveness of Linear Prediction Residual to the Verification of Voiceprint

Wei-Chih Hsu, Jung-nan Sun

Music Genre Classification Algorithm Based on Dynamic Frame Analysis and Support Vector Machine

Shi-Huang Chen, Shih-Hao Chen, Rodrigo Capobianco Guido

On The Determination of Epsilon during Discriminative GMM Training

Rodrigo Capobianco Guido, Leonardo Mendes Souza, Joao Paulo Lemos Escola, Paulo Rogerio Scalassara, Andre Augusto Spadotto, Sylvio Barbon Junior, Lucimar Sasso Vieira, Luciene Cavalcante Rodrigues, Paulo Ricardo Franchi Zulato, Michel Alves Lacerda, Jussa

Techniques for Crosslingual Voice Conversion

Anderson Fraiha Machado, Marcelo Queiroz

12:00-13:20   Lunch



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